This blog is designed to give non-attorneys insight into NFT and Crypto topics from a fellow investor/collector who happens to also be an attorney specializing in intellectual property.

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When (Wen) Class Actions?

I’ll keep repeating this until it becomes a reality: the law is coming to the wild west of NFTs. Copyright DCMA takedown notices have already started appearing and, as I predicted in my previous blog, securities regulations have caused one prominent project to be delisted from OpenSea (the largest secondary market for NFTs). What isContinue reading “When (Wen) Class Actions?”


I get a lot of questions about the legality of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (“DAOs”). Usually They come from community members who want a project they support to form a DAO, and that project team pushing back because of legality reasons. I will start by saying that if you are in a project which is hesitantContinue reading “DYOR On DAOs Or Be SOL”

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