When (Wen) Class Actions?

I’ll keep repeating this until it becomes a reality: the law is coming to the wild west of NFTs. Copyright DCMA takedown notices have already started appearing and, as I predicted in my previous blog, securities regulations have caused one prominent project to be delisted from OpenSea (the largest secondary market for NFTs). What isContinue reading “When (Wen) Class Actions?”


I get a lot of questions about the legality of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (“DAOs”). Usually They come from community members who want a project they support to form a DAO, and that project team pushing back because of legality reasons. I will start by saying that if you are in a project which is hesitantContinue reading “DYOR On DAOs Or Be SOL”

Should You Form An NFT LLC?

As you invest more and more into NFTs, you will eventually reach an interesting dilemma: at what point should you consider putting your NFT holdings in a separate LLC? Below I provide various scenarios in which forming an LLC can be beneficial from both a tax liability and overall structural standpoint. Before doing anything, youContinue reading “Should You Form An NFT LLC?”

OpenSea Just Saved Their Users Millions in Potential Copyright Damages

On July 13th, Opensea, the leading marketplace for secondary NFT purchases, delisted CryptoPhunks from their platform and threw the NFT world into a storm. Some people came to the defense of Opensea, claiming this is a good step in protecting the intellectual property rights of artists. Others bashed Opensea, because censorship and regulation can beContinue reading “OpenSea Just Saved Their Users Millions in Potential Copyright Damages”

NFT Copyright Basics: What’s a copyright and can I haves it?

A copyright is any original work of authorship which includes books, movies, and yes, that sweet avatar NFT you bought for .08ETH and immediately set as your social media profile picture. But not all NFTs give the copyright of the work to the purchaser. Before we go more in-depth, one thing you need to understandContinue reading “NFT Copyright Basics: What’s a copyright and can I haves it?”

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