Breaching Contracts? Not Cool, Man.

I recently wrote about the importance of contracts in NFT dealings. What I probably should have included was a note on the importance of not breaching those contracts. Today, in one of my NFT group chats, a lawsuit alleging breach of contract against the artist known as Coolman CoffeeDan (“CoffeDan”) was sent around. It hasContinue reading “Breaching Contracts? Not Cool, Man.”

Deadlines In Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets

Early this morning, President Biden released his long-awaited Executive Order regarding crypto regulation. There is nothing shocking in the Order, and it seems to be far more crypto-friendly than many expected. Others such as TRM Labs and Jerry Brito have given succinct summaries of the Order’s contents. I highly recommend anybody interested in the topicContinue reading “Deadlines In Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets”

Check Your Privilege- Legally

For anybody not following along with the SEC vs. Ripple ($XRP) litigation, there was a semi-recent ruling requiring production of potentially privileged advice from Ripple’s legal counsel regarding securities issues central to the case. This was a huge ruling, and could be very harmful to Ripple depending on what is in those documents. There haveContinue reading “Check Your Privilege- Legally”

Explaining The Bored Ape v. OpenSea Lawsuit

NFT lawsuits are here! NFT lawsuits are here! Thank God almighty, NFT lawsuits are here! As a litigator, it is great to see the NFT wild wild west come to the courts. First came the Quentin Tarantino and Birkin Bag lawsuits on intellectual property issues. Now it is a Bored Ape owner (or, more aptly,Continue reading “Explaining The Bored Ape v. OpenSea Lawsuit”

New Digital World, Old Legal Rules

It’s time for me, as one of the only lawyers in the NFT Twitter room, to once again let everyone know they are making huge mistakes by treating NFTs as the lawless wild west. I regularly see people brag about doing deals in the NFT space without any formal written agreements. As an NFT collectorContinue reading “New Digital World, Old Legal Rules”

NFT-T&E: Succession Planning for Web3

I saw a tweet the other day which estimated there are roughly 700-2,000 CryptoPunks thought to be lost. They belong to people who likely forgot their wallet information or died without leaving instructions on how to access their wallet(s). At a current floor price of ~$273,000, that is $191-546 million lost forever. This brought toContinue reading “NFT-T&E: Succession Planning for Web3”

(King of the) Mountain DAOs

Recently, LinksDAO raised over $10 Million USD to ultimately buy a Golf Course. About 33 and 1/2 years ago, in early December of 2021, The Mountain DAO announced on twitter that it was forming a DAO and raising capital to purchase a mountain in Virginia. The Mountain DAO has summarized its mission as: “We areContinue reading “(King of the) Mountain DAOs”

So Your Stuff Got Stolen: What Do You Do?

It appears that NBA player Cole Anthony has joined the many victims whose wallets were compromised and items stolen. There is a running joke on Twitter, that the only thing Bored Ape owners love more than talking about themselves, is giving away their seed phrases. Criticism earned by how often Bored Apes are stolen inContinue reading “So Your Stuff Got Stolen: What Do You Do?”

Web3 Conflict Resolution

Lawsuits are coming to NFTs. As both a litigator and member of the NFT community, this indisputable fact leaves me with mixed feelings. The NFT community is comprised of overwhelmingly positive people, far more likely to tweet out GM than start an internet fight (a rarity in the 2020s social media landscape). On the otherContinue reading “Web3 Conflict Resolution”

Rumbling Into Kongs And The Play To Earn Future Of NFTs

I usually stick to legal topics for this blog, but people seemed to appreciate my post on Illuvium so I figured with the announcement of the Steph Curry X Under Armour partnership it was time to post about another favorite project: Rumble Kong League (“RKL”). Full disclosure: I currently own 2 RKL players, so similarContinue reading “Rumbling Into Kongs And The Play To Earn Future Of NFTs”