What The Hell is NIL?

When people hear about name, image, and likeness (“NIL”) many focus on its impact on college athletes and the associated antitrust litigation which took place as college athletes fought to prevent universities from profiting off those athletes’ NIL without sharing that profit with the athletes. However, the underlying legal issues surrounding a person’s right toContinue reading “What The Hell is NIL?”

What Is An NFT And Why Should I Care? Pt. 1

It appears recently, perhaps due to media coverage or perhaps due to me never shutting up about them, my friends have started becoming interested in NFTs. People who I previously annoyed with my talks of NBA gifs and digital race horses are starting to ask serious questions such as sustainability of investments and how theyContinue reading “What Is An NFT And Why Should I Care? Pt. 1”

NFT Copyright Basics: What’s a copyright and can I haves it?

A copyright is any original work of authorship which includes books, movies, and yes, that sweet avatar NFT you bought for .08ETH and immediately set as your social media profile picture. But not all NFTs give the copyright of the work to the purchaser. Before we go more in-depth, one thing you need to understandContinue reading “NFT Copyright Basics: What’s a copyright and can I haves it?”